How does ForeStream work?

It can observe and forecast the emergence and the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease through analyzing data gathered by a specific image processing algorythm.

Camera Image Analytics System

Camera Image Analytics System

ForeStream can gather data from several types of camera systems. It can recognize the face of even a hundred different people so it can be used in larger institutes – naturally with proper encryption and anonimous data management.

Fall Alert Function

ForeStream can deduce from the data gathered by image processing the potential accidental falls. In such cases it automatically sends an immediate alert to the specified contacts who can react as soon as possible – even from a distance.

Inactivity Alert Function

When the observed person does not show up on the camera picture for a suspiciously long time our system automatically sends an alert to given contacts. Based on this relatives and caregivers can act in time.

Trespasser Alert Function

Unfortunately it is more and more common nowadays that frauds appear at people’s house trying to take advantage on their vulnerability. In order to detect such cases ForeStream recognizes people that was not seen before and send immediate alert to specified contacts.

Process of installation


Ordering the system

ForeStream can be ordered online. After finalizing your order we prepare and send you the starter pack.


Ordering the cameras

ForeStream is compatible with several IP camera systems – we trust our customers to select and buy them for themselves.


Installing ForeStream System

In our package you will find the necessary indoor unit and a manual with instructions and camera positioning advices. You can also ask for help from our colleagues – please let us know about this request when placing your order.


Setting Up the User Dashboard

You can easily set up your profile and all the necessary information (names, phone numbers, etc.) on our user dashboard.


The System is Ready to Use

You can have access to the analytics made by the system after signing in with your credentials and you can share them with the caregivers or doctors.


Send Feedback

Are you satisfied with ForeStream? Please share your experiences with us! Naturally, we gladly accept your feedback in case you find some errors or you are dissatisfied since these feedbacks help us to improve and fine tune the system.

Our professional colleagues are available even after installation!

You can send your questions, requests and improvement ideas by filling and sending us the FOLLOWING FORM.

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