For Individuals

Everyday Secuity

Unfortunatly the number of elder people needing professional care because of their illness or their distance to relatives is growing. Thanks to ForeStream’s various functions this care can be supported even from a distance, without interfering with their private zone.

Trespasser Alert Function

We send an immediate alert in case an unknown person or a fraud is recognized on the image.

Cheaper Than a Nurse

The cost of a 24/7 dedicated caregiver can be hard to obtain for some. With the help of ForeStream the time spent by the caregivers onsite can be significantly reduced making it easier to keep the costs in hands.

Enough to Install to Critical Places

It is not necessary to install a camera to each and every room, the system can provide useful information based on only one camera’s image analysis placed in the most frequently used room (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, living room). Naturally, the more cameras are used in more rooms, the system can provide better analytics, forecasts and alerts.

From only

From 2490 HUF

/person /month

Compatible with several types of home camera systems, even with only one camera

Quick and Easy Setup

30 days free trial

Easy to use dashboard for relatives and doctors

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