For Institutions

For Institutions

Nowadays finding enough dedicated and qualified employees is harder and harder. Unfortunately this statement is true for people working in healthcare. By using ForeStream it is easier to optimize the schedule of the current staff!

Facilitates the Well-Being of Residents

Application of ForeStream is also helpful for the residents: beside analyzing the health conditions sending special signals to the staff is easier (e.g. Fall Alert, SOS).

Easy to Install

If requested we help installing the necessary items, do the necessary setups and also we offer maintenance to the system. As the local staff do not need to deal with such things they can focus on what they are the best in: making life better for the residents.

Compatible with Already Existing Camera Systems

Does your institute already have an installed camera system? We have great news for you! ForeStream is compatible with camera systems already in use if they meet the necessary system requirements. In order to identify such compatibility please ask our professional colleagues!

Easy to Use and Understand Dashboard

ForeStream’a dashboard is very easy to understand and its usage can be learned very quickly. After installation we show the usage to the responsible staff – this knowledge is easily refreshable and passed over thanks to our User’s Manual.

For Institutes – Tracking unlimited number of residents

From 1890 HUF

/resident /month

Compatible with several types of home camera systems, even with only one camera

Quick and Easy Setup

30 days free trial

Unlimited number of analyzed residents

Easy to use dashboard for caregivers and doctors

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