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Elderly Care

with the Latest Technology

Care does not start with the identification of the problem, it starts with prevention!

ForeStream is a system that can recognize and measure the early signs of dementia with the analysis of movement data therefore helping in prevention and early treatment.

Recognize the diseases in time

Our system can realize from movement data the signs of cognitive impairment in old age and dementia making it possible to start the different therapies the earliest possible time.

Track the efficiency of therapies

We measure the progress, the aggrevation and the stagnation of the disease through movement data analysis so that your doctors can optimize the efficiency of treatments and therapies.

Plan for the long term

From the data measured by the system you can deduce the projected course of the disease so you can prepare for all possibilities in time.

Everyday security with dignity

The system is able to recognize special events such as falling or the appearance of an unknown person and send immediate alert to you. Through these you can rest assured of their safety without being beside them 24/7.

Support Medical Research

With the analysis of the data in the system you can easily assist researchers beside the doctors. With this you can help not only your relatives but all people fighting with dementia.

What is ForeStream doing?

Camera Image Analytics System

Camera Image Analytics System

ForeStream can gather data from several types of camera systems. It can recognize the face of even a hundred different people so it can be used in larger institutes – naturally with proper encryption and anonimous data management.

Analysis of Movement Data

Analysis of Movement Data

ForeStream can deduce from the movement data the appearance and the degree of disorientation and the changes of sleeping cycles, which are the most common and the earliest signs of most types of dementia.

Forecast Using Special Algorythms

Forecast Using Special Algorythms

We provide useful information to relatives and doctors on our dashboard page where they can easily check the past and projected progress of the disease.

Get in touch with us!

Get in touch with us!

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